Make contact forms easy. Block spam.

No more captchas.  Attack spam on the backend & see all submissions in one place.

Yes, it's compatible with your website.

Hook Forms are built to work with everything, from custom sites to these guys (and all the rest).


How It Works

1. Generate an ID, update 2 lines of your form HTML. Move on to other things.

2. Hook encrypts submissions and hits them with unprecedented spam filters.

3. Hook blocks spam, handles secure delivery, and saves analytics for review.

The Hook Forms Process

Paste the generated data-hookform-id into your form, or paste all code as a new form.

Submitted data is sent to a secure server over SSL and checked for tampering, flagged content, geography, and everything else on the anti-spam wish list.

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<form method="post" action="#" data-hookform-id="123456789-01234-02134-01234-1234567890">



<script src=""></script>

Customize Everything

Looks matter. Hook Forms integrate into any absolutely any site with any design, hosted anywhere. There are no bloated iFrames, just your form exactly how you want it.

After a submission, decide whether to reroute users to any page, or show a custom message.

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Made for Humans

It's not a user's job to stop spam through complex tests and ugly captchas. Hook Forms force spammers to show themselves and leave real people alone.

Humans also make mistakes. Hook explains what's wrong and allows easy re-submission.

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Sorry, but we couldn't deliver your submission. Please fix these issues and try again:
This error <div> comes with a class, for easy CSS styling.

Nothing to Install or Configure

Hook Forms are placed by our secure server, then posted back to the same server for validation. It's all SSL and data is kept safe.

There’s no need to install complicated services, deal with security, or update anything. Ever.

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[Beyond] Spam Filters

We use server-side validation that started as a wish list of crazy hypotheticals. From the time a user lands on your page, Hook Forms start detecting:

  •  Detection of form field tampering or addition
  •  'User' fills out form way too quickly
  •  Simple questions replace captchas (no scrambled junk)
  •  Content analysis
    • Detect spammy words, excessive links
    • Flags for words in a spam database
    • Unexpected language, character sets or encoding
    • Duplicate or similar content across multiple fields
  •  Totally random honeypots (hidden fields to catch automated spam bots)
  •  Detection of form caching for a re-play bot
  •  Targeting based on IP range and geographic area
  •  IP address logging to detect bots on rotating proxies
  •  IP address comparison to current blacklists
  •  Content scoring scale
    • Usage of upper- and lower-case
    • Percentage of fields with duplicate content
    • Percentage of non-required fields completed

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Special pricing available.

All Business

$49 /month

  • unlimited forms
  • 20 unique email recipients
  • SSL Encryption
  • 10,000 submissions per month
A Few Of Us

$19 /month

  • unlimited forms
  • 5 unique email recipients
  • SSL Encryption
  • 1,000 submissions per month
Just Me

$5 /month

  • unlimited forms
  • 1 unique email recipient
  • SSL Encryption
  • 100 submissions
    per month


  • Create organizations
  • Manage organization forms
  • Create forms for clients, who are billed directly

Email Recipients

Email recipients will be emailed whenever a form is submitted & passes spam validations. Re-use as much as you like (total is based on unique users), and add extra recipients to any plan for just $5/month per email address.

What about submission limits and cutoffs?

No need to worry. Instead of killing your form at the limit like some of the other guys, each additional 1,000 submissions costs only $1.