Customize Everything

Control how forms look on your website

Copy our HTML into your page, then change CSS classes, wording, move things around however you like. You or your designer will enjoy using our forms, because they're your forms. We make no assumptions and have no requirements about how they look.

Set user experience after submission

You can hide the form and display a custom message, or reroute users to another page. Of course, these events are only triggered after the form is confirmed to have sent successfully. We don't just hit 'send' and then assume it worked, like some of the other guys.

Enable/disable human-friendly questions

This is a small but important part of the Hook anti-spam validation process. We have several types of questions or human-friendly tests that you can enable or disable, depending on what your visitors will be comfortable seeing.

Choose the version most appropriate for your site (or none, if you prefer). We recommend using them, but we also understand the need for highly stylized forms to forego these.

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