Made for humans

User experience is as important as being able to deliver spam-free mail to you and your customers. Here's what we're doing to make it enjoyable for your visitors, while making it hellish for spammers.

The first human is you

Adding any form to a website is usually a major hassle for the site's owner. Validation is its own set of hurdles, from front-end to back, and new JS libraries are always popping up and then running out their usefulness. Hook wants to stop spam, but before that we want to make adding and using forms incredibly easy.

Forms match your site style

When you put a Hook Form on your site, you can easily move around fields, text, and style it to match your site. Other form services simply slap a boxed widget into your site — Ours accepts all your CSS, so it'll look as great as you want to make it.

Javascript not required

If javascript is enabled, it'll pull Hook into the background and visitors will never even know how much amazing stuff is happening in the background to deliver their message. If javascript is disabled, everything will look normal and when people submit, we'll ask them to prove that they are humans. It's an elegant experience either way.

We'll deliver immediate acknowledgements

Most contact forms simply direct visitors to a "message sent!" screen after posting, which is not satisfying to visitors and not always true. Hook Forms allow you to customize delivery acknowledgement emails that will immediately go to your visitor, only after a successful delivery. Sending a confirmation over email shows you care and offers rare proof that their message actually did get delivered.

People make mistakes

We get that people aren't robots. It's why we love them. Sometimes, visitors do silly things like USE ALL CAPS THROUGH A MESSAGE or they might have terrible grammar. If this happens, we'll show them why their message looked spammy and we'll give them an opportunity to fix it.

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