The Process


Spammers are clever, relentless, and generally awful. We'd love to make a dent in their bottom-feeding ways of doing 'business.' We aren't violent people, but we'll punch a spammer right in the face.

Detecting humanity vs robots

We're always thinking up new ways to detect whether someone is a person or not and by centralizing our processing algorithm, we can quickly introduce new methods without disrupting your site. Behind the scenes, your form will be getting updates and you won't have to do anything about it.

Preventing re-play submissions

Spamming is somewhat robotic in a lot of ways... they get ahold of zombie machines and record form submissions, then they play back the submission to basically hammer on a form. It's super obnoxious, and this is only one of their tactics. We have several ways to make sure they aren't simply re-submitting.

A constant battle

We can't guarantee 100% spam blockage, the same way a cleaning products can't get rid of 100% of bacteria. But we can promise that if we find any way that spammers are getting through, we'll find a way to fix that hole. These guys are always looking for new ways to get around any barriers you put up, but by randomly switching around our algorithm and adjusting filter priority, we can stay ahead — all without inconveniencing actual humans.

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